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The periods of Indonesian dancing discussed here have been delimited by the essential element in development. Since dancing practically grows and develops only if that process runs parallel with the development of the society supporting it, the most exact division into periods of dancing is that based on the development of its society.

Based upon the development of the Indonesian Social structure, dancing in Indonesia can be placed within three periods of time:

(1) The Period of Primitive Society (up to 400 A.D.)

(2) The Period of Fe,idal Society (400 A.D. - 1945)

(3) The Period of Modern Society (starting in 1945

dances were also "democratic", in the sense of belonging to all members of society, in spite of being both magical and sacral.

Tile feudal period covers the time from about 400 A.D. to 1945, which is the year of the beginning of the modern independent state, During this feudal period there were broadly speaking two social classes, viz. the class of the feudal aristocracy and the class of the common people.


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